A little about Julia 


Julia Mindar is a Los Angeles-based, Ukrainian-born abstract artist. Her journey began when she was a little child. She was constantly found drawing around the house and was always drawn to anything even slightly creative. Her parents decided to send her to an art school as a first choice where she learned the basics of art and sculpture. Growing up in Odesa, Ukraine, known as one of the most artistic and cultural centers of Ukraine, she was exposed to a lot of museums, artists, and shows, that helped develop her artistic eye and a deeper sense of connection to art in its different forms. Following through her teenage years, she developed a belief that being an artist would be something unachievable and bring a lot of struggle, and under the weight of stereotyped thinking, she then chooses to proceed with. a safer choice of career and chose a different type of education. In spite of this, the spirit of creativity never left her heart, and it found its way into photography first. Which soon helped to build a successful career. But the heart would still desire more and she would come back over and over to art. soon finding her own unique style and passion for abstract art, filled with texture, color, or sometimes calming simplicity of lines. The rediscovering journey helped to develop a closer relationship with art and the heart and the message behind everything is as simple as – love. Love will always lead you to the right path. You should love what you do and art is the most effective and fulfilling form of connecting with yourself and your feelings, which we sometimes forget. The message behind her art is to reach beyond your limiting beliefs and fears. Don’t be afraid to take action and go after your dreams. 


Los Angeles, CA, 90046